Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Kindergarten Sight Word Practice Pages

Kaitlynn Albani

These sight word practice pages are great for morning work, word work, literacy centers, early finishers, extra practice and much more! Send them with your students to practice at home!

Part 1 - Sight words include: I, a, to, an, am, at, it, so, go, we, my, do, in, be, or, he, the, and, are, can, off, she, how, out, now, for, not, her, all, like, look, will, what, with, from, were, when, find, take, have, help, here, make, your, said, come, this, find, good, play [50]


Part 2 - Sight words include: me, on, up, us, of, has, one, two, who, use, was, air, ask, way, may, big, boy, old, put, say, day, man, try, let, run, any, did, you, ask, our, been, long, just, live, mean, read, move, made, name, same,  more, many, very, said, some, they, that, need, went, work, than, time, away, back, came, does, give, know, take, will [60]

Part 3 - Sight words include: is, by, go, no, ate, but, eat, far, new, saw, see, too, why, blue, call, cold, down, draw, full, hold, into, must, only, over, pink, pull, show, sing, soon, them, then, walk, after, black, brown, could, every, funny, green, small, their, there, today, where, white, write, would, friend, orange, purple, yellow, pictures [52]

Take a closer look at the layout of each page:
Each page has a designated area to color the sight word, write the sight word 3x (or more), read sentences, circle the sight word in a sentence and cut and paste the word.

Take a look at a completed page:

Your students will love to color the pages and cut/paste their sight words together!  This is a fun way to introduce sight words and practice important reading and writing skills.  There are over 150 sight words included! 

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