Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - Letter of the Week Big Bundle #1

Teaching your students the letters of the alphabet? This product contains LOTS of great activities to teach all about the first 9 letters of the alphabet. This packet includes activities related to reading, writing, math, science, and character qualities. It is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten. For EACH LETTER, the packet contains:

**Original Letter Poem
**The Letter Alphabet Card 
**Letter Flashcards
**Letter Writing (capital and lowercase)
**Letter Identification 
**Dot Marker Letter Find 
**Pattern Activity 
**Number-Word-Picture Association 
**Capital/Lowercase Letter Sort 
**Letter Drawings 
**Character Quality 
**Character Quality Coloring Page 
**Letter Book 
**Beginning Sound Sort 
**Connect the Dots Activity 
**Science Activity 
**Science Notebook Pages 
**Recommended Books and Snacks 

Hope you enjoy!

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