Saturday, March 7, 2015

Math Lesson -- "Algebra 1 Scavenger Hunt Bundle"

by Math with Tyrrell
8th-11th grade
In this bundle, you will receive all the scavenger hunt games that I use in my Algebra 1 class. Scavenger hunts are an excellent activity to get students moving around the classroom while being engaged with the mathematics. In these activities, students use the answer to one problem to find another problem hanging around the classroom. The student worksheets, scavenger hunt problems, instructions, and teacher’s key are all included. These products are teacher tested and student approved. My students love seeing scavenger hunts on the agenda. If purchased separately, these 20 scavenger hunts would cost you $60.00. You will also have access to all future scavenger hunts that I create for Algebra 1 FOR FREE! Get in on this deal now because the price of the bundle will increase as I add more scavenger hunts.   HSN-RN.A.1, HSA-SSE.B.3, HSA-APR.B.3, HSA-APR.A.1, HSS-CP.A.2, 8.EE.B.6, HSA-CED.A.2, 8.EE.C.7, HSA-REI.B.3, HSA-REI.C.5


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