Thursday, March 5, 2015

Math Lesson - "Leprechaun Gold Estimation"

by First Grade Diva Creations
1st & 2nd Grade


 Estimation is such an important mathematical skill. Repeated exposure to estimation activities leads to much stronger number sense. I love this estimation activity during leprechaun season. I use gold nugget shaped cereal such as Pops for the “Leprechaun Gold” in this lesson.  I use the Leprechaun Gold Label to cover the box of cereal.  They love this activity so much that I often do it a couple of times with different sized jars. With this activity I go to my local dollar store and get small but interestingly shaped jars.  It doesn't take a very big jar to hold 120 Pops. 

I have added an individual activity to this resource. Search the internet for candy cauldrons. 
I set them on students’ desks on St. Patrick’s Day full of Pops cereal. Students proceed to do the 
"This Little Pot of Gold" estimation activity. 
Talk about engaging bell work for St. Patrick’s Day.

First Grade Diva Creations

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