Monday, March 9, 2015

Math Lesson - "Triangle Inequality Theorem Investigation"

By Mathspiration:
8th-12th grade
Are you trying to promote student analytical thinking? Try using an inductive approach to the triangle inequality theorem with the Triangle Inequality Theorem Investigation activity! This inductive learning activity is a great introduction to the triangle inequality theorem and can help in scaffolding this concept for students who need concrete, hands-on examples. I have found with my high school students that being able to use manipulatives to demonstrate the triangle inequality theorem and to find the formula for themselves works better than simply teaching a lesson on the board. 

Here's how the lesson works: Each student will take three pieces of uncooked spaghetti and will follow the instructions on the activity sheet with a ruler and pencil. This activity can be completed independently, in pairs, or as a whole class activity. By the end of the activity students will have derived the triangle inequality theorem, and they will have the opportunity to practice using the theorem in multiple contexts. 

Included are: Triangle Inequality Theorem Investigation activity (3 pages)Additional Practice Problems (2 pages)Answer Key (5 pages)

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