Thursday, March 5, 2015

Trading Cards Sampler

“Trading Cards Sampler” is free and includes a set of 54 trading cards highlighting various Science, Social Studies, Math, Reading, Computers and Music topics. The cards are divided into fours suits of thirteen with two jokers, allowing students to learn while playing any standard card game. Print on card stock and laminate for years of use! 3.5” X 5.0” copies are also included for bulletin boards displays. Download your free copy now! “Trading Cards” products are offered in the topics shown below. Also included are three original games and instructions for creating your own trading cards.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Egypt
Age of Exploration
Revolutionary War
Westward Expansion
Civil War
Black History Month
Rainforest Animals
Ocean Life
Musical Instruments
I use the trading cards and we have many times got into a discussion about a particular event or person. LOVE these!!

Great quality color pictures when printed on card stock. My students love the information on the cards and the games they can play with them. GREAT product!!

I have made lots of great games with these cards.


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