Monday, March 9, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "Write an Opinion: Time Travel - A Cross-Curricular Activity"

Language Arts Lesson - "Write an Opinion:  Time Travel - A Cross-Curricular Activity"

By Mary Pat Mahoney
Grades 3 - 5

Help bring history to life for your students by engaging them in a creative writing, time-travel, cross-curricular activity that helps review concepts taught earlier in the year.

Step-by-step lessons help students review history, develop an opinion with logical support, and practice revising. 

This lesson guides students through the entire writing process – and guides students through revision by helping Stu Dent revise his writing. Students practice revising skills on a sample and then apply those skills to their own writing.

This lesson addresses all of the CCSS opinion-piece writing requirements. 

This resource includes:
• Daily lesson plans
• A teacher checklist helps you keep track of each student
• Creative writing prompt
• Rubric
• Step-by-step instruction for all phases of the writing process
• Note-taking resources
• Graphic organizers
• Introductory device practice
• Transition and organization practice and revision
• Help with constructing conclusions
• Active revisions – more than just a checklist
• Exit card or journal prompts to help students reflect on their writing
• Self-assessment for the end of the process
• Everything you need to start teaching today! Just add students!

Mary Pat

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