Monday, March 9, 2015

Math Resource - "Interactive Fold it Ups and Notes"

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Middle School Math Moments
Grade 6

Help your students keep their Fold It Ups in one place all year! This book of Fold It Ups and notes is organized with space at the top, so that it can be bound for students to keep all year to use as an interactive notebook. Some of the Fold It Ups will need to be completely cut out in order to be folded; the pages following this type of FIU have intentionally been left blank so that the FIUs can be stapled or glued to that blank page.
A few of the pages are notes/resources for student reference, and will not need any folding or cutting.

There is a Teacher Guide included in the file as well, where I have included pictures of the finished Fold It Ups and added the text that I used in them, to help provide a clear idea of what they are “supposed” to look like. The printed text on the FIUs is minimal in many cases, since all of us may have slightly different ways in which to phrase the information we want our students to know.

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