Sunday, March 8, 2015

Leprechauns & St. Patrick's Day...Queen Chaos Style

It's leprechaun time, 
It's leprechaun time,
How sublime...
It's leprechaun time!

I just love St. Patrick's Day!
In honor of this day, I've made 
some fun activities for my kids.

A+ Leprechauns... Three Graphic Organizers
These sheets make it super easy for students to
write 3 sentences painlessly.  Really.  I promise.

Another crowd-pleaser is the

A+  Leprechaun Labels
 Your students can cut and glue or
they can write in the label words for the leprechaun.
These are great for practicing addition
and subtraction with differentiated instruction.

This next activity really
helped my kids last year with their SAT 10 test.
It's nothing like the test, but it enabled them
to practice (in a fun way)
how to actually bubble in questions
and not feel intimidated when the test came along.

No...I don't agree with all of this 
testing for little ones.
Yes....I work for a school district who does.
So...let's make it as painless as possible!

A+ Leprechaun: Fill In the Blank.Multiple Choice Sight Wor

Little Leprechaun Comprehension Passages
 A+ Leprechaun Comprehension: Differentiated Instruction  F
This activity would be great to use for differentiated instruction.  These reading passages did wonders for my kiddos' reading skills (and scores).  Yes, it's true!
Just thought I'd share that tidbit!

If you'd like to get a FREE Powerpoint about Ireland that you can share with your students,
check out my blog:

One of my dreams is to go to Ireland one day
and visit all of the places in that powerpoint!
Yes I know....wishful thinking.
Maybe the Luck of The Irish will be with me,
and I'll actually find myself there one day...
kissing that Blarney Stone!

There's a super cute "moving pictures" book
Be sure to read the book by Lucille Colandro first.
It's for educational purposes only and not for profit,
so I hope all of you teachers out there enjoy it!

Oooh...I almost forgot!
There's also a free word wall for the same book!
You'll have pictures for words like:
leprechaun, rainbow, pot, gold, etc.

May you find your own pot of gold
as you teach your little ones!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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