Saturday, March 7, 2015

Social Studies Lesson - "American National Symbols: A Meaningful, Engaging Unit for Early Childhood"

Have you ever wanted to teach your little learners about American Symbols, but didn't know where to start? This unit is exactly what you need!

Includes These 10 Symbols:
American Flag
Bald Eagle
Liberty Bell
Lincoln Memorial
Mount Rushmore
Statue of Liberty
Supreme Court
Uncle Sam
U.S. Capitol Building
White House

In This Packet:
Pages 3-6: American National Symbols Vocabulary
Pages 7-17: American National Symbols Posters with Descriptions
Pages 18-23: Little Book - “American National Symbols”
Pages 24-26: Read-Aloud Story - “Why Do We Have American National Symbols?”
Pages 27-32: Read-Aloud Story - “Visiting Washington, D.C.”
Pages 33-38: Class Game - Name That Symbol!
Pages 39-40: American National Symbols Reading Log and Award Certificate
Pages 41-43: Writing Project - What is your favorite American National Symbol?
Page 44: American National Symbols Color-Your-Own Hat!
Pages 45-46: Shared Writing Activity - What we learned about American National Symbols

This product is also included in a fantastic bundle! Check it out here: A Very Patriotic Bundle!

Jaylynn Richardson

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