Monday, February 16, 2015

ELA Lesson – Daily Language with a Peer Teaching Component

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Do you need a way to get your students engaged in editing and working with grammar? 

Partner Daily Language is designed to involve ALL students in daily language practice, by having them become peer teachers. I started using this method many years ago because I wanted all students to be actively participating every day. Using peer teaching for daily language on a regular basis has helped students to master parts of speech and develop a greater understanding of the reasons behind editing corrections. (**This is not intended to be the only method used to teach grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc, but rather a supplement that provides continual reinforcement throughout the year.)

This product provides the materials to allow students to "teach" one another. During each day of daily language, students pair up and each student receives a half-sheet of paper with two sentences on it. The first sentence is incorrect, and the second is written with editing marks, showing the corrections that need to be made, as well as the reasons for each correction. Each student works alone to correct the first sentence on his/her paper. "Partner A" then plays the part of the teacher as "Partner B" orally explains the corrections he/she made. The partners then switch roles, so that each partner is the teacher for one sentence. Students are also required to identify certain parts of speech each day. (There is a detailed description of the process included in the product.)

Partner Daily Language, Weeks 1-4 is 4 weeks of daily language practice. Each week includes 3 days of student sheets, a study guide, a quiz, and a quiz key.

Addresses Grade 6 Common Core Standards.

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