Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mystery Book Clubs

This is my BEST SELLING 15 page unit that perfectly fits a class study of mysteries. It was created for use in mystery book clubs, but is also perfectly suitable to independent or paired reading study of mystery texts. The unit is a perfect compliment to the series of mini-lessons that form the Reader's Workshop unit on mysteries. vocabulary, character traits, inferences about character, genre characteristics, and so much more is also included in the resource. In addition, a truly engaging mystery reader's theatre script is INCLUDED that acts as a model for students to write their own script based on the mystery books that they have been reading. Watch the brief video resource below to see this unit explained in more detail. GET IT HERE

Use this excellent resource as an assessment tool to go with this unit
Mysteries Sticky Note Assessment

All 'Ace Ventura Mystery books work well with this unit. Look at end of this product description for more names of books that you can check out from your library to go with this excellent resource.

Mystery Reading and Writing Unit
This resource was created for a 3rd grade course, but is easily applicable to either a 2nd or 4th grade unit study of mysteries

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