Monday, February 23, 2015

Math Resource – "180 Days of Daily Math Warm Ups for Grade 6"

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Do you need a good routine to start your math class every day? Or a way to be sure you are constantly reviewing concepts? 180 Days of Daily Math Warm Ups will work for you! It was written to be used as daily warm ups during math class, (but can certainly be used for other purposes too). I started out using these as warm ups for students to do when they got to class each day, but now I have students complete the day's problems for homework. As soon as they get to class, they discuss the answers. I love it!

I copy the book for each student in my math class. They keep it in a binder so that they always have it with them.

The book is set up by day (rather than by week) and addresses the grade 6 Common Core Standards (plus a few others).

Features of the book:
* 180 days of problems; each day has 2 or 3 problems, of varying difficulty, many of which are in word problem form
* concepts are reviewed throughout the book, for constant reinforcement, which is a great way to always be reviewing for standardized testing. This constant review is an aspect that I really focused on for certain concepts, because I wasn't finding this review in products I'd used in the past.
* “tip” and “reminder” boxes help students who may not have the same background information as others
* a Standards Index is included so you can see which days address which Common Core standards 
 * the answer key in this book is rather lengthy (35 pages!), because the key includes the problems as well as work for most problems, rather than just the answers

Addresses all grade 6 Common Core math standards.

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