Sunday, February 22, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "Your Favorite Book"

Language Arts Unit - "Your Favorite Book"
By: Hannah Stark, 21st Century K
Grades: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd

Themed-based lessons with standards-based activities are the perfect way to integrate tried-and-true methods with Common Core and 21st Century Learning.
This themed ELA set can be used in a variety of ways! Activities are perfect for academic learning centers, large group experiences and assessments.  Each activity is tied to at least one ELA Common Core standard.

Theme focus: “Your Favorite Book” inspired by “Read Across America”
Content Focus: Parts of a Story and Opinion Writing

This ELA set includes:
5 Theme AND Standards-Based Activities
1 Theme-Based Extended Response Item
All in both color and black/white!

1.         “Your Favorite Book” story for read-aloud, guided reading, and trace/color.
Kindergarten – RL.K.10
First – RL.1.10
Second – RF.2.3, RF.2.4
2.       Fact and Opinion Worksheet
Kindergarten – L.K.5
First – L.1.5
Second – L.2.5
3.       “My Favorite Book” Draw and Write
Kindergarten – W.K.1
First – W.1.1
Second – W.2.1
4.        “My Favorite Book” Opinion Piece Graphic Organizer
Kindergarten – W.K.1
First – W.1.1
Second – W.2.1
5.       “My Favorite Book” Opinion Piece Final Draft (3 versions for differentiation)
Kindergarten – W.K.1
First – W.1.1
Second – W.2.1
6.       ELA Extended Response Item
Kindergarten – RL.K.3
First – RL.1.3
Second – RL.2.1
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