Saturday, February 28, 2015

PowerPoint Presentations That Students Create (7 Fun Themes)

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This package contains 7 PowerPoint presentations that students can create in your classes. 

1. Snack Treat 
2. Wacky Product 
3. Tech Gadget
4. Comparing 2 Cell Phones 
5. Tech Sharing
6. How To Perform a Task
7. Tell Us About The First One Developed 

Students are encouraged to use their imaginations to sell a unique item, research technology devices and share new information. They are guided through the process of putting these shows together. 

Note: Teachers can substitute PowerPoint for another presentation program of their choice such as Google Presentations, Open Office or Prezi.

These presentations include…

* Topic information for each slide
* Presentation Tips
* Marking schemes
* 8 student exemplars for "Snack Treat", "How To Perform A Task" and "Wacky Product" that can be used to show students before they begin working on their presentations

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Gavin (TeachwithTech)

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