Thursday, February 26, 2015

Math Lesson - "Telling Time Bundle - Worksheets, Quizzes, Games and Printables!"

By: Adriel Nutter
2nd-4th Grade

After searching everywhere for a resource that would reinforce telling time lessons, I decided it was time to create one to perfectly fit that need.

Reinforce your telling time lessons with these individual, small group or class activities.


- 2 Small Group Games (including Instruction cards)
“I Have, Who has?” (32 playing cards)
“Time Memory” (30 Playing cards)

- 5 Time {Common Core} Practice Worksheets (Telling and showing times on digital and analog clocks, elapsed time and identifying patterns)

- 5 {Common Core Aligned} Quizzes (Telling and showing times on digital and analog clocks, elapsed time, identifying patterns, 1 blank quiz to quiz students on your own time patterns)

- 3 Classroom posters: “Elapsed Time”, “Analog”, “Digital”

- Make your own clock cutout printable (A great tool to use while doing worksheets and quizzes!)

- List of mentor texts for teaching time

- List of helpful online resources for practicing time telling

These are great resources for review throughout the year as well. The game instruction pages can be attached to a Ziploc bag as an easy reference.

Have a great day!

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