Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Math Lesson – “Equivalent Expressions Matching Activity, Practice Sheet & Exit Tickets

Middle School Math Moments

The matching activity is a quick, interactive way for students to practice identifying equivalent expressions. There are 18 sets of cards, which can all be used together or could be split into smaller groups of sets, depending on your need. The first time I used them, I used them as an activity for my early finishers, and I split them into sets of 9. It took about 5-10 minutes for the groups to finish them, depending on the students. Most of the expressions apply the distributive property; a few require combining of like terms.

An answer key is included for quick checking or to allow students to self-check.

The set of 18 cards is included here TWICE - once with background and once without, so that you have printing options. I would recommend printing on card stock and/or laminating.

Also included here are a matching practice sheet (16 sets of equations to match) and 4 exit tickets, with 2 questions on each.

Addresses Common Core Math Standard 6.EE.A.3
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