Sunday, February 15, 2015

Academic English Language Arts Vocabulary-6th Grade-Task Cards, Flash Cards & Application

6th Grade

6th Grade ELA Academic Vocabulary Words-Task Cards, Flash Cards & Application

Did you know that researchers have found that “85% of of achievement scores are based on the vocabulary of the standards”? This is a startling number, especially since the new Common Core Standards, the Common Core State Exams, and the P.A.R.C.C. exam already contain challenging reading passages, tricky questions and writing pieces.  

After watching my own students struggle, I started doing some research, and I found that there is common link and thread amongst the questions, the standards, and the exams: THE VOCABULARY! Even the vocabulary is relatively consistent across grade levels, plus or minus some words and the difficulty level. Since I have Integrated students (and if you have ESL or Special Education students you can sympathize with me), comprehension and reading is a major struggle for my students; then add vocabulary to this. If they cannot get past the vocabulary in the question, most likely they cannot answer the question correctly; hence, my idea.

Included in this 6th GRADE bundle:
1. 45 ACADEMIC VOCABULARY TASK CARDS-20 Critical Verbs and 25 Critical Nouns

2. An application activity for the task cards that includes an answer key
3. Flash cards for all 45 Cards
4. Bingo cards, and a list of activities


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