Sunday, February 1, 2015

I Found It on the Internet  (It Must Be True!)

A recent headline stated “Students Believe Everything They Read Online, Warns Researcher”. Could this be true? Do today’s students have the ability to distinguish between the truth and an internet hoax? “I Found It on the Internet” is a two day lesson where students evaluate and rate five resources on the internet. The first four sites are hoaxes with increasing levels of nonsense while the fifth site’s sponsor has a 125 year record of excellence. Can your students spot the difference?
This was perfect! My students eyes were REALLY opened…"You mean they can just put ANYTHING on the internet??" Thank you!

Thank you for sharing! My students fell into the traps of believing the websites, which open up some great conversations.

Most 4th graders believe this! Thanks so much. I am going to use with the internet security package I bought.


Personal Info: Details, Details!  (Online Video)

1) Children understand that some information about themselves is special because it makes them unique. 2) Children know that they should never give out their personal details online without a parent or teacher’s permission.

Beware of Friends Online!  (Online Video)

How much of your personal information is available to everyone online?

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