Sunday, February 15, 2015

SCOOT! PLURAL NOUNS 64 task cards -S, -ES, -IES, -VES

SCOOT! PLURAL NOUNS 64 task cards (-s, -es, -ies, -ves) 

SCOOT is an easy, fun, fast paced game that will get the kids up and moving around. In this Scoot game, students will find the plural form (-s, -es, -ies, -ves) of the noun shown on the card.

Place a task card on each desk in numerical order. Each student will read the sentence and will write down the answer on their sheet. Then after a minute or two, say "SCOOT!" and the students will SCOOT over to the next seat and get started on the next question straight away.

Tips and directions are included. 
64 task cards. 
Recording Sheet
Numbers for desks (optional)
Answer Key

BONUS! 6 Brain Breaks are included too! Which are to be used when you want to included some added fun!

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