Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chinese New Year - Everything You Need

I'm super excited to introduce my latest unit.
Everything you need to teach about Chinese New Year.

This is a comprehensive Social Studies Unit for Primary Students. Scroll down for detailed images of all the pages.  This unit contains tons of activities and lessons which are not only appropriate for Kindergarten students but can also be used with Upper Primary aged kids as well.
There's an ELA Language Arts section with
- 2 different informative mini books
- 2 different brainstorming blacklines
- Primary lined paper
- Chinese New Year Song/ Poem
- Making words activity
- 25 Word Wall vocabulary cards
- Writing pages for each of the 12 Zodiac animals so you can use it every year

There's a Social Studies section with
- informative writing passage
- show what you know blackline
- Venn diagram
- a 6 page mini book with instructions on how to write simple Chinese characters

There's a Chinese Zodiac section with
- 3 pages of information about people born under each sign of the zodiac
- 2 full color zodiac wheel posters
- 2 black and white versions - one with the names left out for the kids to write in their own words
- 2 different Chinese Zodiac cut and paste puzzles - one with the names included on the wheel for younger children, and one blank one to challenge older students.

There's a Chinese Math section with
- a page on how to write chinese numbers
- another worksheet with blanks for the kids to practice writing the numbers
- a number operations worksheet with Chinese characters
- answer key
- a 12 page Chinese counting mini book

There's an Arts and Crafts section with
-instructions and blacklines for making
- a Chinese New Year Banner
- a Chinese New Year Dragon
- A Chinese Dragon puppet
- A Red Chinese Money Envelope

There is also a section with Coloring pages depicting vocabulary and events of Chinese New Year celebrations

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