Tuesday, February 3, 2015

iPad Integration Lessons

Amazing resource of 10 incredible ipad tech-integration lessons for core subjects. Each powerpoint comes with step-by-step procedures that can be shown directly to students on how to use the app. and a video that walks students through the application content across math, science, social, studies, Reading and writing. (important - video plays only when the powerpoint is in 'play slideshow mode' - just click the powerpoint slide and it will link to the video.) GET IT HERE

This is a perfect resource for a any ipad 1:1, 1:2, or ipad centers classroom. Alternatively, a tech. teacher can use these resources to do tech integration lessons across the core subjects. 

The preview on TpT gives one of these lessons for FREE!

iPad Integration Lessons

Get started with ten basic integration lessons for grades K-3
Popplet - Math Integration
Students use this mind mapping app to show ways to make ten
Pic Collage - RLA Integration
Students use this app to create a reading response
Doodlecast Pro - Discovery Lesson
Students explore this app on their own and discover its functionality
Storyrobe - RLA Integration
Students use this app to publish a piece of writing at the end of a unit
Blog Press - Intro to Blogging
Students learn how to use this app to showcase their learning
Explain Everything - RLA Integration
Students make an explain everything video analyzing whether their reading book was just right and
why or why not using the IPICK strategy
Drawing Pad - Todd Parr Drawings - Art and RLA Integration
Students use this app to draw something that makes them happy during an author study unit
Pages - Social Studies Integration
Students use this app to make a poster of a person in the school community and how they help
QR Code Poster of a Book Review - RLA Integration
Students use a variety of tools to make QR code posters of a book they reviewed
Bonus - Video of Lesson

iMovie - Science Integration
Students use this app to show their learning from a unit.

A full range of Ipad Integration lessons found here: Ipad Integration

WorkFlow Chart - What is the best way to get student work off of the Ipad?

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