Monday, March 9, 2015

Teaching Math with Playing Cards

I have updated and expanded a great product.

This is a great unit for working on basic Math skills 
with a variety of primary aged children.  

to get your own copy.

Playing card games involve Math skills. This is obviously inherent 
in the fact that there are numbers printed on almost every basic 
playing card. In this book there are simple tips on how to get 
cheap or free decks of playing cards, and how to manage playing 
cards in the classroom. I have also included instructions on how 
to play card games that are easy for Primary aged children, 
and are good for building basic Math skills. 

This unit has two types of card activities. Partner games, and 
individual worksheet activities. The first part includes 
organizational tips and lists the rules for using cards. There is no 
need for pen and pencil in these activities. Building strong Math 
skills can involve drill and repetition, but you can also reinforce 
these ideas by playing card games.

The second type of card activities involve worksheets. They are 
meant to be completed by a single child with a deck of cards of 
their own. The instructions for these are written on each page. 
I have also included a cover page which can be used to cover a
booklet or folder of these worksheets.

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So if you are interested in more information, check out this blog post that I did for Rachel Lynette.

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