Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ancient Rome: the Interactive Way

If you teach Ancient Rome and either love Interactive Notebooks or want to give them a try, then I have just the item for you.

Compiled through 11 years of teaching the subject, this notebook has been assembled with eleven lessons on Ancient Rome, starting with the geography of Italy and concluding with the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.  It is then summarized with a study guide and exam.

In between you get lessons on the republic of Rome, the class system & life within a Roman town, complete with a Power Point tour of some ancient Pompeiian artifacts, the Coliseum and Circus Maximus, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, the other emperors of Rome, and more.  And all of these lessons come with foldables, cloze notes, things that spin, or other interactive devices that will make the learning hands on and more interesting and accountable for your students.

This lesson and an interactive notebook on Ancient Greece are available in my store today.

Brittany Naujok

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