Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Writing Information Reports Grades 3-5 or ESL

This year, my students were having so much trouble grasping the concept of information reports. While it isn't the most exciting topic, I put together a pack which includes group work and step by step instructions on how to write information reports.

It includes:

- What is an information report? (activity & guide for class activities and discussion).
- The structure of an information report.
- Visual elements in an information report.
- Glossary / bibiliography writing.
- Sample information report from the National Geographic web.
- Formal language used in reports. (passive voice, limited use of pronouns etc.)
- Report writing tips poster.
- Whole class / pair research activity with information provided.
- Brain storming sheet.
- KWL chart.
- Drafting a report.
- Editing your draft of the report.
- Checklist / pair checklist for editing.
- Information report assessment with rubric.

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Thank you for reading!

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