Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Language Arts - "Time Capsule Parts 1-6 for Grades 2-6"

A Time Capsule is a great way to get students writing. Each part is about a different part of their current day lives. I've always asked the students to write one full page for each part. Part six is optional, depending on the age of your students. This activity can be modified to make it easier or more difficult for different grade levels. Students love doing this writing project, I've always had great success, even with those students who dislike writing. I vary the parts requirements, some can be typed, some in their own handwriting or in cursive writing, and part four in bullet format. I take the project a step further to have students decorate their own time capsules folders, have all the students in the class sign their names on the back of the folder/envelope and them lock them away until they graduate from high school. For younger students, you could give them to the parents at the end of the year for them to keep for them. Happy Writing!

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