Thursday, January 15, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "Nonfiction Literacy Pack: Emperor of All Penguins Common Core Aligned Grades 3-5"

Emperor of All Penguins Print-n-Go: 

A Complete Non-Fiction Resource Pack

After three weeks of intensive work, I have completed my first Non-fiction Literacy Pack all about Penguins just in time for winter. It was so fun and informative to research and create this literacy unit. Now I just have to decide which topic to start on next! Check it out at my store below:

A Nonfiction Literacy Pack: Let’s Take a Closer Look at Penguins
This pack includes everything you need to teach, investigate, and learn all about penguins with a close up look at Emperor Penguins. 
It includes:
• Anticipatory Set with True/False Questions
• Two Mini-books for guided reading: 
Waddle This Way! AND The Emperor of all Penguins
• Two Informational articles about penguins for older students or to use in place of the mini-books, if desired.
• Two CRQ’s related to the mini-books & articles
• Two Cloze Passages related to the mini-books & articles 
• The parts of a penguin diagram
• A Vocabulary Journal
• Vocabulary Construction Activity that involves breaking down the vocabulary words into prefixes, root word, and suffixes to aid in determining meanings.
• Word Wall Vocabulary Words
• Classroom Poster Set—great for bulletin boards!
• A Penguin Research Mural Project w/Rubric

See this unit it here!

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