Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Addition Centers Bundle

(Sums of 0 to 10)

Get enough math centers and activities for the entire month of January in this one money saving bundle. You get activities for Martin Luther King Day, New Years Day, and winter.  These activities are Low Prep and easy to use.  Activities such as Add the Room tasks where learners are up and moving are particularly useful for long winter days when outdoor recess may not be possible. 

 January Addition Math Centers

January Addition Math Centers are clip card activities that may be used with or without the recording pages. These are great early finisher activities.  You may opt to use counters or dollar store novelty erasers instead of clips to mark the correct sum on these cards.

January Add the Room

January Add the Room gets your learners up and moving about the room while working on addition fluency to 10. 

January Domino Add the Room

January Domino Add the Room takes Add the Room to a new level.  Learners write the equation for the domino on the card.  Domino Add the Room activities gets your learners on the move while practicing addition fluency.


 January Dice Add the Room

January Dice Add the Room offers more activities that get your class up moving and learning. Learners write the equation for the pair of dice on the card with these activities.

All Add the Room activities have matching recording pages for each set of cards.  I hope you and your learners enjoy these activities. 

Have a Joyous January!

Kamp Kindergarten

January Addition Centers Bundle (Sums of 0 to 10)

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