Wednesday, January 14, 2015

***FREEBIE*** Grade One RTI Emergent Literacy - Phonemic awareness of blends Sample packet

Dear Teacher,

This packet uses a systematic way of teaching blends, digraphs and trigraphs.

Only spend about five to ten minutes a day on this. It’s an intensive phonics intervention packet that will help beginning readers or poor readers in need of training. Pictures are purposely left out on certain pages so students can focus on the letter sounds.

This packet teaches how to isolate the blend sounds at the beginning and at the end of words. How to combine these sounds with other sounds to make words and how to read these words in simple sentences.

All words used in this packet use the short vowel sounds. 

This packet is design to be used in a binder, just insert into a transparent sheet, and print-n-go!
Use dry eraser markers for easy clean up.

Beginning blends/digraphs : ch, th, sh, wh, sm, sp, ph, sl, tw, sc, sk, sn, sw, st, fl, gl, cl, bl, pl, gr, fr, br, cr, pr, dr, qu, tr, scr, spl, spr

Ending blends/digraphs : th, sh, ng, nd, nt, ct, ft, pt, xt, nk, nc, lb, ld, lf, lk, lm, lp, lt, sk, sp, st, nce, nse, dge, mp, ch, tch, ly, ed, ing.

This activity is aligned with First Grade Common Core State Standard 1.RFS.3a Know the spelling-sound correspondences for common consonant digraphs (two letters that represent one sound)


Rock, Paper, Scissors

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