Saturday, January 24, 2015

Upper Elementary Poetry Unit

BEST SELLING PRODUCT! Ready to inspire your students? This is an amazing 4 week poetry unit. After 20 years of teaching poetry, I have complied the best 14 sessions I have collected from w/shops, professional development, and years of research. The unit is broken into 4 parts (bends). 1) Immersion into Poetry: This bend exposes students to a variety of poems and teaches students a number of different poetic elements. 2) Interpretation of Figurative language. This bend exposes students to a variety of different types of figurative language. Students learn how to write poetry using figurative language and interpret the meaning of figurative language. 3) Interpretation of Poetry. This bend introduces students to the concept of the message behind poems. It does so in a none threatening way by using popular music laced with poetry. Students also learn a system for interpreting poetry (P.O.E.T.R.Y.) 4) Reasons for Writing poetry .This bend exposes students to the doors of poetry. It shows students the reasons we write poetry and its impact on the world. The lessons are VERY creative. Youtube links are attached with some of the sessions to clips from movies or poems.  Check it Out HERE

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