Monday, January 19, 2015

Language Arts Unit - "Amazing Animals of Rainforest Literacy Unit & Research Project"

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most amazing places on earth! Students are fascinated by the unique animals and the enormity of the rainforest itself. This unit includes many authentic learning opportunities for the classroom including a full-color mini-mag (magazine) highlighting three unique rainforest animals found nowhere else, and a culminating animal research project. 

This pack includes everything you need to teach, investigate, and learn all about the Amazing Animals of the Amazon Rainforest with a close up look at Poison Dart Frogs, Three Toed Sloths, and Playful Jaguars 

It includes:
Full color Mini-Magazine for whole group or guided reading
Informational articles for older students or to use in place of the mini-mag, if desired.
24 Informational Reader Task Cards to use with Mini-Magazines
Classroom Poster Set—great for bulletin boards!
A Rainforest Research mural/poster project w/Rubric
Teacher Directions 
End of the unit reflection

Because there are so many unique and interesting animals found in the Amazon Rainforest, it gives students a great chance to research and become an expert on specific animal. Students first learn about some of the other types of animals found in the rainforest and then research their assigned rainforest animal. Then they present the information to the class like an expert does during a workshop. It’s up to the teacher whether to have the students create a rainforest mural, poster, power point as their visual aid. 

The full-color mini-book highlights:
Poison Dart Frogs 
Three Toed Sloths 
Pouncing Jaguars 
Amazing Animals of the Rainforest Unit!


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