Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lower Primary Poetry Unit

Ready to inspire your students? This is a four week study using the Writer's Workshop model for the study of poetry. It would perfectly fit students working in any grades first through third. Part 1 is a 24 page word doc. that breaks down each lesson in to mini-teaching point, active engagement, and send off, and share. A Poet’s Toolbox and mentor poems are included for students to stick into their notebook as they study the poems. This unit will give students a new perspective on language appreciation and foster deeper connections between the reading and writing of poetry as well as a commitment to repeated revision. Students will develop their understanding of not just what the poem is saying, but how the poem gets that meaning across. Specifically, students will write poems using poetic tools for meaning (visual and sensory) and music (auditory). This unit will culminate with students selecting poems to revise, publish as a personal anthology, and present at a Poetry Cafe. Part 2 Poetry Month (Part 2 of 2) Lower Elementary Writer's Workshop(sold separately) contains a 48 slide powerpoint that is a perfect compliment to the unit. The slides are used for the mini-lesson portion and contain examples of all mentor poems presented in an engaging way.  Get the Unit HERE

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