Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Social Studies - "Ancient Rome: A Complete Nonfiction Resource Pack"

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was this mega pack! After two weeks of long hours and countless nights awake making lists in my head, I am proud to present my newest unit on Ancient Rome. After teaching Ancient Rome for ten years, you'd think I would have known it all but truth be told I still had lots of researching to do to make this unit complete and up to par with the Common Core Standards.

Everything you need to teach Ancient Rome is in this pack! There are 24 Informational Articles with real life photos and related Student Activities on the main topics of ancient Rome including:
Geography of Italy with Maps
Religion (Monotheism and Polytheism)
Daily Life: Family, Language, and Schools
Culture in Ancient Rome: Food, Clothing, Homes, Religion, Gender Roles
Jobs: Merchants, Farmers, Soldiers, Craftsmen, Entertainers, and Gladiators
Social Classes (Patricians, Plebeians, and slaves)
Government: The Roman Republic (Emperors, Consuls, Senators, Tribunes, Assembly, and more)
Architecture: The Pantheon, Colosseum, Bathhouses, Aqueducts, and Roman Roads
Contributions of Rome
Student Activities that correspond to each article. 
Vocabulary Guides, Answer Keys, Unit Reflection, and much, much more!

Teacher Directions and Unit Outline:
Part 1: Hook’em with “Fast Facts True or False” Anticipatory Set. Students predict at the beginning of the unit the answers and then check-n-correct their answers after learning the information. 

Part 2: Read & Visualize with Informational Articles with real life photographs. In this product, there’s 24 full-color informational articles with real life photographs to hook your students. You can also use these on the interactive white board, document camera, or as handouts while students read along with their copy of the articles. Also, included are black and white masters of the articles with the same photograph for the students to read along or use as study guides, homework, or as notes for their binders and notebooks.

Part 3: Focus on Skills: Reinforce and enhance student learning with a variety of LA skill-based activities related to the articles and main themes of the unit. This unit focuses on the following skills:
Geography and Map Skills
Fact and Opinion
Republic Role Playing Activity
Writing Prompts
Predicting, visualizing and making connections
Vocabulary Strategies
Roman road diagram
Graphic organizers (can be used in interactive notebooks too)
Opinion based Questions
CRQ’s (Constructed Response Questions & Answer Keys)
Persuasive Essay
End of unit reflection

Part 4: Realistic Posters: this product, there are 12 full-color posters that correspond with True/False Anticipatory Set and major themes in this unit. The posters have real life photographs great for bulletin boards or to hang in your classroom to use while learning about Ancient Rome. 

Part 5: Assessment & Evaluation: There are several Quick Check Activities and Questions on the (student’s) black and white copies of the articles to check for understanding. They could also be used as homework or exit/entrance slips to reinforce learning as well as for assessment purposes. A end of the unit Reflection is included to evaluate learning. 

Happy Teaching!

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