Saturday, January 31, 2015

Word Problems {Common Core Aligned}

These word problem packets allow your students to apply what they've learned in math class to real-world situations.
These are aligned with the common core state standards 1.OA.1 and 1.OA.2.
These products are perfect for reinforcing students in First Grade or as a general review in Second Grade at the beginning of the year.
These packets includes:
Addition word problems.
Subtraction word problems.
word problems 3 addends.


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  1. Hello, Nastaran Kol: What excellent lessons, "Word Problems in Fall" and "Word Problems in Winter," to connect students to (as you say) "the real world situations." Reframing the word problems by the SEASON we're in, is brilliant Nastaran! It's winter, here in the USA, and students can "wear" the word problem strategies and keep warm in the common core state standards 1.OA.1 and 1.OA.2. I strive for this kind of "real-world" connectivity for students, in my B.R.A.V.E. ("Be Resilient Avoid Violence Everywhere"), a violence education and prevention curriculum for middle school and high school that teaches students to take the leadership for the safety of their own campuses and not sit and wait for mom and dad or the police to manage things for them. BRAVE has been approved by the California Department of Education for its real-world reach for students, and is offered at TpT. All best, Nastaran. Jim Shaw,
    Store Name: Safe Kids, Safe Schools