Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SuperKids Add the Room (Sums of 0 to 10)


SuperKids Add the Room is a math variation of the student favorite activity “Write the Room.” This packet has 5 sets of Add the Room equation cards. Each set has 10 cards. There is a recording page for each set of cards. The cards and recording pages have matching super hero kids themed graphics. 

Print, laminate, and cut out the equation cards. Make copies of the recording pages.

Hang the cards in places all around the room. Give each student a clipboard, pencil, and recording page. Learners search the room for cards with equations. When they find a card, they write the equation and sum in the correct space on the recording sheet.

SuperKids Add the Room helps learners develop addition fluency and supports the Math Common Core Standards for Operations and Algebraic Thinking.

Thank you for looking at Superkids Add the Room. I hope you and your learners enjoy these activities.

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