Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Science Lesson - "Photosynthesis Print-n-Go: A Complete Nonfiction Resource Pack"

This pack includes everything you need to teach, investigate, and study the process of Photosynthesis!  See it here!

  • It includes:Read & Visualize the process of Photosynthesis with Informational Articles and real life photographs. Hook your students with these real life photos and diagrams that explain the whole process and tell the benefits in kid friendly language. 

To reinforce and enhance student learning it also includes:

  • Cloze passage 
  • Constructed Response Questions (CRQ's) 
  • Sequencing Activity--"Put it in Order Diagram Activity"
  • Realistic classroom posters (full-color) to use with the document camera and hang in the classroom to introduce Photosynthesis. 
  • All Answer Keys

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