Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Social Studies Lesson - "George Washington Carver"

Well, it is Washington Wednesday !!

Click on the picture, or find it at the link below

I created this unit along with my other "I am" mini units. 
Teach your students about George Washington Carver in a fun way!! Use this George Washington Carver mini unit during Black History Month or any time during the school year. 

Page 1- Cover
Page 2- What did George Washington Carver accomplish?
Page 3- Graphic Organizer Adjectives for George Washington Carver 
Page 4-5 Word Search with answer sheet Washington Carver 
Page 6- KWL Graphic Organizer Washington Carver 
Page 7-8 100 Chart Hidden Picture List (Peanut) Washington Carver 
Page 9 - Acrostic Poem (George Washington Carver )
Page 10- Writing Prompt - George Washington Carver had many inventions...
Page 11-12- Compare and Contrast yourself to George Washington Carver (Girls and Boys Edition 
Page 13-15- The Peanut Plant Graphic Organizers (Including BW version)
Page 16-17- George Washington Carver Flip Book 
Page 18- Credits

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