Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Language Arts Lesson: Commercial Analysis Project

Commercial Analysis Project
by Danielle Hall 
grades 6-10

It's the day after The Game that Cannot Be Named. How can you channel this energy? With this Persuasive Techniques mini-project! Students analyze the techniques used in a commercial.

This assignment requires students (partners or threes) to complete an outline summarizing their commercial and identifying two techniques. Then, they prepare a presentation and analyze the commercial in front of the class. You can also have them show the commercials or not - up to you!

Students complete individual evaluations and peer feedback. This assures that you can assess speaking and writing. 

This document includes: 
-Project description 
-Rubric - already weighted
-Adaptable project description
-Adaptable rubric
**Commercial Analysis Worksheet (New!)
**Peer & Self-Review Slips (New!)

Now, what about those kids that didn't watch the game? Well, YouTube will often put together a playlist of the "10 Best Commercials", etc. You can have students choose from these. You can take it one step further and *require* students to choose from a pre-screened list of commercials.

(grades 6-10)

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