Monday, January 19, 2015

Language Arts Lesson – “Popping Prepositions: Common Core Language Arts Center”

By: Chalkboard Creations
Grades: 3rd-5th

Start off the New Year with this fun Language Arts center game that your students will love! It is a classroom tested popcorn and movie themed cooperative learning center game created for the 3rd- 5th grade classroom. It is designed to help students practice using prepositions and forming prepositional phrases in sentences (aligned with the Common Core State Standards L.4.1e and L.5.1a). Students play a game that involves them competing to add prepositional phrases to sentences. 

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The packet includes: 
- Student-friendly instructions 
- 40 commonly used preposition cards
- 12 sentence cards
- 3 worksheets for students to record their answers 
- 1 page of score sheets for students
- 1 label sheet to attach to an envelope to keep the materials organized

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