Monday, January 12, 2015

Social Studies Lesson - "Black History Month Mega Pack!"

by Kayse Morris
PreK - 3rd Grade

This Black History Month MEGA BUNDLE includes all FOUR of my Black History Month characters. 

Black History Month-I am Ruby Bridges
Black History Month-I am Sojourner Truth
Black History Month-I am George Washington Carver
Black History Month-I am Jackie Robinson
Sold separately these Black History Month-mini units are $4.00 each- but when you bundle these Black History Month mini units you get one for FREE!! 


I am Ruby Bridges
Black History Month-- Ruby Bridges Glasses Craft (B-R-A-V-E)
Black History Month-- What did Ruby accomplish worksheet
Black History Month-- Ruby Adjectives
Black History Month-- Ruby Bridges Word Search
Black History Month-- Ruby Bridges K-W-L
Black History Month--Two 100 Chart Hidden Pictures with answer keys. (One says "Ruby," one says "Brave") 
Black History Month-- Acrostic "Ruby" Poem
Black History Month-- Ruby Bridges School Craft
Black History Month-- Examples of glasses and school craft
Black History Month--Ruby was brave because...... (writing prompt)
Black History Month--Compare and Contrast Ruby to yourself (Girls and Boys Edition)
Black History Month--8 pages of a hand made book for students to read about Ruby
Black History Month-
I am Sojourner Truth Mini Unit
- All about Sojourner
- Sojourner Truth Glasses Craft (T-R-U-T-H)
- What did Sojourner accomplish worksheet
- Sojourner Adjectives
- Sojourner Truth Word Search
- Sojourner Truth K-W-L
- 100 Chart Hidden Pictures with answer key. (Truth)
- Acrostic "Truth" Poem
- Sojourner was an American Hero because....
- Compare and Contrast Sojourner to yourself (Girls and Boys Edition)
-Sojourner color and flip book craft
I am George Washington Carver Mini Unit
-- What did George accomplish?
-- Graphic Organizer Adjectives for George
- Word Search with answer sheet
- KWL Graphic Organizer
- 100 Chart Hidden Picture List (Peanut)
- Acrostic Poem (George)
- Writing Prompt - George had many inventions...
- Compare and Contrast yourself to George (Girls and Boys Edition 
- The Peanut Plant Graphic Organizers (Including BW version)
- George Washington Carver Flip Book 
I am Jackie Robinson Mini Unit
- Info page on Jackie
- Jackie Graphic Organizer
- Adjective Graphic Organizer
- Jackie Robinson Graphic Organizer
- K-W-L on Jackie
- 100 Chart hidden pictures (Jackie and a baseball) with answer keys
-Jackie Acrostic Poem 
- Jackie Robinson Baseball Card with independent worksheet
- Jackie writing prompt
- Jackie Robinson compare and contrast (Girls and Boys Edition) 

Over 60+ pages included!!!! 

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